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A photograph Project of Welthungerhilfe

Living Together In Hatay

Many Turkish families have generously supported numerous Syrians in adapting to their new lives in Turkey. They treat them as guests and give proof that even in difficult times people can live together with mutual respect and tolerance. Six years into the crisis, there are still huge efforts to establish and keep a peaceful environment in which people feel protected and safe. Many Syrians could find their way back to a 'normal life' with support of their Turkish neighbours. They found jobs, sent their children to school and made friendship. They are part of the community. Both Turkish and Syrian citizens can be proud of these great achievements. It is the human face of the crisis.

'Living Together in Hatay' is a photograph Project of Welthungerhilfe. The exhibition was opened in Hatay on June 2019.

The link of the Project;

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